Saturday, March 21, 2009

I may have finished a good number of projects last week, but I've got just as many running again this week and it's taken an incredible amount of self-control to keep it to this few. All in all I'm proud of myself. :)

The first sock is now complete:
And I whipped these up for dear Angela's birthday dinner Sunday:And I also started a Flying Spaghetti Monster for the boy, but it's just a tiny little strand of spaghetti at this point. I've been really good about knitting from the stash lately instead of buying new yarn. I've actually gotten several projects done that way. Then...a coworker brought in a skirt. This sounds innocuous, but it was handmade. And pretty. And when I said as much, she helpfully added, "And it was really easy and fast! Here, you can have my copy of the pattern!"

And less than 2 hours later I was the owner of 6 new balls of yarn.

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