Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's tank season

I finished not one but two projects this weekend; go me! The first is Coquette, from the book Fitted Knits, and the other is a heavy modification of the Anna pattern in Knitty.

I used the recommended yarn for Coquette, and while it knit up all right, it bled like whoa in the wash. It's also taken an insane amount of time to dry. That could well be normal with cotton; I'm not really sure. I used Patton's Silk Bamboo for Anna, and oooh is it luscious. I love the way it feels. I'm so ready for summer break!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So nice

Every now and then I get a stretch of time where I have no knitting obligations. For the first few days I completely panic. I look at every pattern and every scrap of yarn I've ever considered and go absolutely crazy with the inability to make a decision without a deadline looming over me. Most recently, this happened when I finished my Mother's Day knitting:

I queued and unqueued, I started and ripped, and I pretty much went crazy. My bedroom became pretty much impossible to walk in, as there were bit and piles of fiber everywhere. Then there was almost a lightbulb moment where my logic-resistant knitter's brain realized - I don't have to make it all right now. None of this lovely yarn or these awesome patterns are going to disappear if I don't get to them NOW RIGHT NOW!!! And in fact, it doesn't even matter what order I knit them in. They will all. still. be. there. If I don't get to them in time to wear them this summer - guess what. There's another summer next year! So now, I have these two lovelies on the needles:
The first is the Coquette top from Fitted Knits, and the second is Anna from Knitty, only turned into a tank top. They're both moving pretty quickly, although it doesn't really seem like it from the pictures. And they both feel INCREDIBLE next to my skin. Now I find myself looking around for other excuses to use pima and bamboo.

Then, just as I was calming down, we got to the highlight of my knitting week. The lovely and generous Jan, of Jant's Art, sent me this lusciousness:

...and now the possibilities are dancing in my head all over again.