Monday, July 20, 2009

A new pattern!

I finished a new skirt today (Neta Wechsler's Hypotenuse):

But what's probably more interesting to all of you is that I decided to channel Monty Python with the leftovers and knit exciting undergarments. The pics can be seen on Ravelry (redraveler) - don't worry; they're not modeled! But here's the pattern:

by Christina Felde


1 par US #5 needles

less than 1 skein (50 grams/136 yards) DK weight cotton blend yarn

darning needle


20 sts x 28 rows in 4 inches, stockinette


As the sides in this pattern are simple ties, the sizes are really a matter of desired coverage in front. Don't feel tied to your usual size.

CO 25 (31, 35, 41)

Row 1-25: (K 8 for large, 5 for medium, 3 for small, 0 for extra small) Work chart, (K 8 for large, 5 for medium, 3 for small, 0 for extra small). Decrease 1 st at each end every 4th row. --13 (19, 23, 29) sts

Row 26-27: Work in stockinette

Row 28: Knit, decreasing once at each end –11 (17, 21, 27) sts remain

Row 29-44: Work in stockinette, continuing to decrease 1 st at each end every 4 rows – 3

(9, 13, 19) sts

(S, M, L) ONLY:

Work in stockinette, decreasing 1 st at each end every row (3, 5, 8) times – 3 sts all sizes


Knit even for 44 rows; place on holder.

CO 16 sts, then pick up and knit 25 (31, 35, 41) stitches along top of panty triangle, CO 16 more sts. Knit 1 row. -- 57 (63, 67, 73) sts

Bind off.

CO 27 (32, 37, 42) sts, pick up the 3 from the panty back, CO 27 (32, 37, 42) more sts. Knit 1 row. --57 (63, 67, 73) sts

Bind off.

Loop a strand (or two for extra security) of yarn into the front and back of each side; tie together.

Click the chart to see the ginormous version.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Swallowtail Bandwagon!

This is the longest I’ve ever knitting exclusively on one project. I don’t know what came over me; I just couldn’t bear to start anything else!

My summary of the project:

I don’t really get why everyone’s so excited about nupps. They're just not that exciting.

I can’t believe I stuck to the pattern too the letter. I ALWAYS mod. Something’s wrong with me, I know. But for whatever reason, I didn't alter this pattern in any way. And that's weird.

...and I am ridiculously excited by how much yarn I have leftover.